Renaissance Universal

Renaissance Universal

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It is we who are responsible for our future; we are making our tomorrows. Renaissance Universal is a network of people who believe that we must make an effort to improve society and the world, for ourselves and for coming generations. This involves a renaissance based on neo-humanistic values. Such a renaissance will not only redesign the major institutions of society but will foster individual growth and self-realisation as well. Renaissance Universal seeks to communicate and create expanded opportunities for concerned individuals to co-operate, discuss and channel their creative talents in positive personal and social directions.Principles of Renaissance Universal

Neo-humanism: Respect for all living beingsWhen human caring expands and embraces all living beings and even the entire inanimate universe, ordinary humanism becomes neo-humanism. Neo-humanism provides a philosophical basis for building a new era of ecological balance, planetary citizenship and cosmic kinship.

Art and Science for service and self-realization

Both art and science have been misutilized in the present age. Art has the capacity to awaken social consciousness and ultimately lead a person towards self-realization. Today, however, art has become a slave of commercial interests. Science has been the method by which humanity has elevated itself in the past, but in the present era science has been misutilized to produce weapons of mass destruction. RU works to restore both art and science to their true benevolent places in society.

Social and economic justice for all

The gap between rich and poor must be closed if peaceful and prosperous society is to be established. RU promotes programmes which will guarantee the basic necessities of all people in the framework of a decentralized, cooperative and democratic economic system.

Education for liberation

True education should develop the full physical, mental and spiritual potentialities of an individual. It is not mere vocational training. RU promotes and encourages all efforts to implement progressive educational methods and systems.

Unity in diversity

Human society is one and indivisible. RU seeks to remind people of the fundamental oneness of humanity and to remove all artificial barriers keeping people apart. Local languages, cultures, history and traditions enhance the beauty of the human family and RU also strives to protect the diverse expressions of human culture.

Activities of Renaissance Universal

Publications and Research

New Renaissance magazine is the quarterly journal of Renaissance Universal. The magazine is a forum for progressive discussion on local and global concerns. Articles, letters, poetry, photography and drawings are welcomed.


Periodically Renaissance Universal organizes world-wide forums on important contemporary issues. Other discussion forums will be held in places where local chapters are established.

Social Service

RU works with service projects around the world, and encourages its members to take part in efforts to alleviate the suffering of others.


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