The freedom of choise in the light of microvita cosmology

The freedom of choise in the light of microvita cosmology In his new science of microvita cosmology, Shrii P.R. Sarkar explains our relationship as microcosms with the Universal Entity in a bright new way, showing a new scientific direction which however is utterly congenial with, and supportive of the personal, devotional stance of psycho-spiritual philosophy.
In microvita cosmology it is seen very clearly, that allthough all of Creation is very systematic, the scope for individual exploration and evolution is virtually infinite – the microcosm is like a plant growing up a wire mesh which gently supports and guides him into the direction of the bright sun light.
The inner relationships among the subtle and the objective faculties of the Causal Matrix as explained by Shrii Sarkar, are delicately working together, providing both the “raw material” and the on-board intelligence for the microcosm to develop itself. Truly, the Universal Entity is the supreme Facilitator, and also the supreme Controller, but this is surely not a control by force, but by universal attraction alone.
Thus we see that Krta Purusa functions as the universal source of life force, and Jina Purusa as the source of pure objective flow. At the same time, Krta Purusa is also the controlling nucleus of the universal hierarchy of life, whereas the Jina Purusa is the controlling centre of unit intelligence. That is, the cognitive power of each and every evolving microcosm to discover its way in the infinite ocean of inferential fluctuations.
The equipoise among the subtle and objective faculties of Creation is entirely systematic and may take many forms, which are really universal thought forms or archetypes. Only then, cognition and life force combine to unfold the multivarious universe of colours, shapes, sounds, and many other perceptions, along with the relative physical factors of time and space, gravity and inertia. The enumeration and denomination of these archetypes is the subject of microvita theory.
The result is an intelligent system of evolution as the universal modus of all Creation, attributed with subtle and objective faculties, bringing forth an endless stream of individual life forms on their unique paths of evolution.

ed. March 26, 2006
thanks to Ac. Gatimayananda Avt. for proposing this subject


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