Cycle of Creation

  1. “This is a new line of thinking — a new philosophical approach. Here ‘knower I’ or ‘doer I’ are not necessarily the mahat, aham or citta of philosophy. It is a new school of philosophical thought — it has no connection with mahat, aham and citta. New Sam’skrta terms will have to be created”.. Shrii P.R. Sarkar, June 10, 1989, Calcutta
    By no means microvita cosmology, or generally intuitional sciences, could or should replace Brahma Cakra, the “Cycle of Creation” of traditional psycho-spiritual philosophy. But it can, and is sure to replace the idea that psycho-spiritual philosophy is the only way to describe Creation in a subtle and meaningful way.
  2. The philosophical as well as scientific significance of the microvita cosmological model is entirely captured by the functions and mutual relationships of “Krta Purusa” and “Jina Purusa”, which could be understood as two subtle auxiliary faculties of the Universal Entity (Causal Matrix). It can be explained as follows:
  3. “Krta Purusa” is the harmonic synthesis of micro-cosmic propensities, and its objective result is the universal plane of inferences
    “Jina Purusa” is the harmonic analysis of the universal plane of inferences and its objective result is a flow of micro-cosmic propensities
  4. This way, two transcendental entities are introduced, two internal transformations and two mutual interactions. Their mutual connection and interaction is the cause and inner format of all manifestation. That means that all physical, psychic and spiritual phenomenae could emerge from this cosmological model alone. It thus describes and embodies the core of individually and collectively perceived reality.
    No doubt this new cosmological model fully includes and appreciates the traditional subtle (subjective) and dense (objective) planes of creation, however in conceptual form. This is understood in the sense that the conceptual plane is an intricate part of creation, and certainly not a mere mental construct. It is, in the words of Shrii P.R. Sarkar, the arena of pinnacled intellect, touching, and borrowing its genuinity from the purely spiritual. Form a rather cultural vantage point, this emerging arena of human endeavour is also called supra-esthetic science, that is, the purely transcendental path of universal wellfare reflecting on all spheres of life.
    Hence, microvita cosmology also fully appreciates the perceived values in traditional psycho-spiritual philosophy and cult, not even willing to enhance or reform it, but verily shedding a new light on its imminent scientific aspects and practical applications.
  5. Microvita cosmology can best be understood as a combined macro-cosmic and micro-cosmic approach. As a macro-cosmic model alone it would be true, but rather theoretical. As a micro-cosmic model alone, the Krta Purusa (cardinal plane) could not fully be appreciated.
  6. According to microvita cosmology, and generally microvita science, individual reality, no matter sensory or imaginary, is the combined creation of Jina Purusa and Krta Purusa. It is like the growing and branching region where a silver river of creative imagination enters the golden sea of universal knowledge. This builds up our material, psychic and spiritual universe. Krta Purusa is a universal, synthesising principle (making the whole more than the sum of the parts), whereas Jina Purusa analyses and interprets the whole in an infinite variety of ways. The vivid response of Krta Purusa ultimately comes in the form of pure bliss, and this is the reward of proper action (that is, cognitive action). It is the universal, and verily the only incentive for progress in all spheres of life (physical, psychic and spiritual). The way round, the flow of micro-cosmic energies forms the universal blood stream of creation. This mutual inclination of individual energies and cosmic integration is the cornerstone and in fact very condition of evolution itself. Verily it is the universal instrument of divine creation, taking the form of true free will on the path of individual progress.

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