An organisational model based on microvita cosmology

An organisational model based on microvita cosmology

Some comments: this model was suggested for the socia-spiritual organisation “Ananda Marga” founded by Shrii P.R. Sarkar. In fact, “Ananda Marga” literally means “Path of Bliss”, and the organisation to promote the path of bliss is called AMPS, Ananda Marga Pracharaca Samgha.
So, Ananda Marga is a life style, whereas AMPS is the closely related organisational side educating that life style. This may sometimes lead to confusion, in that participants expect for example spiritual benefits from the organisation, whereas it only comes from personal spiritual practice.
The intimate, and in fact inalienable concommitance between AM and AMPS is elegantly illustrated with the help of the microvita cosmological model. Krta Purusa, the cardinal plane, is the universal and only source of vitality (life force, or in corpuscle form, microvita) felt as bliss. This is the effect of a spiritual life style, which means nothing but balancing your propensities, and thus bringing your mind to a higher level. Jina Purusa, the knowing principle, is the (mostly individual) arena of expressed action (energy) and knowledge. This is where inspiration is put into practice, in ones own life, and for social service.
So, practically it means that one will experience a balance between bliss and personal effort as the ingredients of a full-fledged spiritual life style. On the opposite, one might argue that the Cosmos appreciates the massive influx of myriads of propensities and facilitates on its turn a blissfull environment for all the sentient beings.
This way, Shrii Sarkar has given a life style, and built an organisation, in tune with truly universal principles and values, which can be explained with the help of his new cosmology.


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