Microvita cosmology and Unified Field theory

Microvita cosmology and Unified Field theory

In mainstream
physics as well in traditional psycho-spiritual philosophy, unification is
attempted by means of getting rid of causation. But this is not an ideal
approach, rather it is a meagre attempt to conceal the fact that we don’t know
how causation works in a unified way, that is, including not only the objective
but also the subtle portions of the universal entity. For example, quantum
physics is in essence nothing but the art of reducing causation to mere
statistics. Logically, this could only work for the simplest, minutest systems,
which is verily the meaning of “quantum”. On the other end, relativity theory
successfully manages to unify a few global physical factors (time and space,
mass and gravity and in the special case also energy) however without delivering
a comprehensive causal framework. And in philosophy, at the end of the day, the
individual stance is taken as the primary causal factor, philosophically
inflated to cosmic terms and causes. Clearly, neither of these various
approaches explains the proper and inclusive causal structure of the


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