“the unit cannot have the original inferences”

Shrii P.R. Sarkar also
notes “the unit cannot have the original inferences”. Wherever a momentum
of individual perception is created, propensities are created at the same time.
The original inferences come from the universal plane of inferences. In the
universal plane, all inferences are part of an orderly system, a higher order of
symmetry, which cannot be perceived by the unit, and may or may not be
conceived. In the individual sphere, inferences may be reflected by the
universal plane and this can become a sensory or imaginative perception. The
original momentum, that is, the inner energy of the symmetrical order, this will
manifest as various propensities of the individual mind, related to various
planes of inferences. These energies are universal, inter-changeable (between
micro-cosm and macro-cosm, and between microcosms) and indestructable.


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