Ánanda Váńii

Ánanda Váńii Saḿgraha:

A Collection of the Spiritual Messages of

Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti


(1) The Supreme Spirit within humanity, neglected for ages, has awakened today. This awakening will initiate a new chapter in human history. You will all be the pioneers of the new trend.

1 January 1956

(2) A sádhaka is verily a soldier. The pricks of thorns on the difficult path signify one�s progress. The collective welfare of the universe is the crowning glory of one�s victory.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1956

(3) Thorns on the path cannot deter those who have assembled with the determination to march in unison. They are blowing the trumpets of victory in an effort to conquer the universe of a timid mind. O human beings march ahead – let the song of march be your only slogan.

1 January 1957

(4) The purport of Dharma Sádhaná is to look upon every person, every object of this universe as one integral entity. To jeopardize the unity of the human race by creating factions is not the purpose of Dharma. Those who encourage vested interests survive on the mental weaknesses of people and their dissensions, and that is why they are scared of the spread of the ideals of Dharma and exhibit their intolerance towards it in all sorts of immoral ways, such as abuse, false propaganda and lies. People must not be cowed by this, they have got to march ahead. It is to be borne in mind that hindrances are beneficial to human beings on the path of righteousness and to continue to fight against them is what is sádhaná.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1957

(5) The accumulated distortions of many lifetimes cannot be removed in the twinkling of an eye. The removal of these distortions requires prolonged cultivation of knowledge, selfless devotion and untiring action.

The world expects tremendous work from you; so you must not sit idle like a frog in a well under the spell of inertia. Therefore awake, arise.

Shrávańii Púrńimá 1957

(6) Don�t compare life to a pool of muddy, stagnant water. Life resembles an ever-flowing spring. Pushing aside the stones of obstructions and difficulties, marching on with vigorous speed is its Dharma. Hence it is clear that those who want to keep away from obstacles have lost the Dharma of life – verily they are dead. The graveyard, not the society should be their abode.

1 January 1958

(7) In the transitional period of civilization, honesty in individual life is a prime necessity. We shall have to remain ever vigilant that the darkness of petty self-interest may not shroud this supreme human treasure. With the very extinction of honesty, civilization too will not survive; the long sádhaná of the human race will go in vain, and all intellectual achievements will become meaningless. Book knowledge that cannot be utilized in life has no value.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1958

(8) Those who can maintain their restraint in spite of intense provocation are the real spiritual aspirants. They alone have overcome anger. Inspire those who are liars and criminals to live honest lives by pointing out their defects. This is the only spiritual approach to punish wrongdoers. Supreme truth is ever resplendent and can never be tarnished by false propaganda.

Shrávańii Púrńimá 1958

(9) Struggle against evil forces is life. We have to remember this fact once again on this threshold of a happy New Year.

1 January 1959

(10) That which impairs the naturalness of the life of individuals and society is the sádhaná of the dead. It is not the sádhaná of the living because the seeds of injustice, immorality and destruction dwell in unnatural life only. The wise and the well-wishers of society therefore, never support unnaturalness in life.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1959

(11) Struggle is the essence of life. Yours should be a pauseless struggle against corruption, hypocrisy and animality.

1 January 1960

(12) Life is a spiritual sádhaná and the result of this sádhaná is to be offered at the altar of the Supreme.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1960

(13) Your ideal is represented by your conduct. Your learning, your social or economic status have nothing to do with your ideal.

1 January 1961

(14) Fight for your Ideology. Be one with your Ideology. Live for your Ideology. Die for your Ideology.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1961

(15) Life represents Ideology. Life should be sacrificed for Ideology.

1 January 1962

(16) The only creed of a spiritual aspirant is to love the Universal Consciousness and the creation. One must not be guided by any national, caste, linguistic or religious sentiment and must not tolerate any fissiparous tendency.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1962

(17) To love Parama Puruśa and the creation is the only Dharma of spiritual aspirants. They should never be misguided by any sentiment of caste, creed or language and they should never tolerate any sense of discrimination.

Shrávańii Púrńimá 1963

(18) Peace is the result of fight. Peace-lovers of the universe must not keep themselves away from fight.

1 January 1963

(19) Encourage everyone to build their career in a nice way. Let none get the opportunity to think that their life has become useless.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1963

(20) It is action that makes a person great. Be great by your sádhaná, by your service, by your sacrifice.

1 January 1964

(21) Human society is one and indivisible, don�t try to divide it. Each and every individual should be looked upon as the manifestation of the Cosmic Entity.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1964

(22) Those who can dedicate their all to the thought of the Great and the inspiration of the Supreme are verily the most heroic. Indeed, they are the virtuous, and they alone are capable of taking human history from darkness to light.

1 January 1965

(23) You have no right to hate even a single living creature. The best you can do is only to serve. Remember, you are to serve bearing in mind that every creature is verily the living manifestation of the Supreme Consciousness. Remember also that the credit of service is not yours; it is due to the Supreme and the Supreme alone, whose ideation has inspired you to acquire the capability of rendering service.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1965

(24) The marching together of all in unison is termed as the society. Instead of despising those who have lagged behind, help them to advance. This alone will be your social Dharma.

1 January 1966

(25) Knowing oneself is the real knowledge; serving all with the ideation of Náráyańa, the real action, and the vow to please Parama Puruśa the real devotion.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1966

(26) Human civilization now faces the final moment of a critical juncture. The dawn of a glorious new era is on its one side and the worn-out skeleton of the past on the other. People have to adopt either of these two.

You are the spiritual soldiers, you are the worshippers of Life Divine, hence I call upon you to adorn this crimson dawn deluged with glorious light.

Victory is surely yours.

1 January 1967

(27) Today all over the world, a grim fight has started between the evil forces and the benevolent forces. Only those who possess the moral courage to fight against the evil forces, can give a soothing touch to the struggle-torn earth with the balm of peace. Remember you are spiritual aspirants. Hence you alone shall have to undertake the mighty task of saving the earth.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1967

(28) All human beings are to be served with the same steadiness in all the three strata – physical, mental and spiritual – and you have to render the service by ascribing Náráyańahood to the served. Remember that your service does not oblige the Supreme, rather you are obliged because you have such a chance to serve the Supreme in the form of living beings.

1 January 1968

(29) Marching ahead is life, crushing the pebbles of hindrances and obstacles with a stroke of your feet, disdaining the frowns of tornadoes, meteors and roaring thunder, and rendering all superstitions to ashes without any second thought. March on and on, Parama Puruśa is with you. Victory is yours.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1968

(30) The fact that the fortune of every individual, not only of this earth but of the entire cosmos, has been wreathed together, will have to be admitted one day by people. The spiritual aspirant has to hasten that auspicious moment by pauseless effort, service and propagation of the great Ideology. This alone is the Supreme task for the present humanity.

1 January 1969

(31) The entire universe has to be brought within the realm of your mind and made wholeheartedly your own. This indeed is the way to benediction, the way to all-round prosperity and success. This is the only path of your individual and collective survival.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1969

(32) Marching ahead from cimmerian darkness to the stratum divine is the true spirit of life. Staticism, superstition and narrowness stand for cimmerian darkness. Ensconcing oneself in the Cosmic Soul is the life divine. Striving ahead, together with the entire universe, along the path of spirituality is verily the greatest task for humanity.

I hope, in the fresh dawn of the New Year�s day, you will all ponder anew this eternal and sacred Truth.

1 January 1970

(33) After millions of animal lives, a created being attains the human form. That is why all the sacred books speak of the rarity of human life. The wise properly utilize all objects and this utilization alone makes the existence of the object worthy.

You have achieved the human frame. You must make it meaningful by your sádhaná, service and sacrifice. Engage yourself in such useful pursuits that even your worst enemies have hardly any chance to despise you. Utilize yourself in such a manner so as to satisfy yourself mentally, that you never wasted your time uselessly on this earth.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1970

(34) Just as the advent of the purple dawn is inevitable at the end of the cimmerian darkness of the inter-lunar night, exactly in the same way I know that a gloriously brilliant chapter will also come after the endless reproach and humiliation of the neglected humanity of today.

Those who love humanity and those who desire the welfare of living beings should be vigorously active from this very moment, after shaking off all lethargy and sloth, so that the most auspicious hour arrives at the earliest.

1 January 1971

(35) People have great expectations from their fellow human beings. In order to fulfil those expectations, go on working without the least respite. Remember that a healthy human society, free from exploitation, hatred and malice, must be built.

In this great task, the blessings of Parama Puruśa are sure to be with you.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1971

(36) Clouds cannot overcast the sun for a long time. The creatures of darkness never want the expansive exaltation of human society. Even then, human beings shall march ahead. No one can arrest the speed of their progress. You must be the harbingers, you must be the pioneers of this victorious march. See that not a single individual lags behind.

1 January 1972

(37) Those who introduce new ideas are invariably subjected to the trammels, tyranny and lure of sinful temporality. But people must not yield, people must not stop. Remember that light, not darkness is veritably the truth of life. The light of new ideas shall certainly illumine every nook and corner of human habitation, in spite of the inroads of countless forces of denunciation, denigration and contempt.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1972

(38) The entire humankind of the universe constitutes one singular people. All humanity is bound together; those who are apt to remain oblivious of this very simple truth, those who are prone to distort it, are the deadliest enemies of humanity. Today people should identify these foes very well and build up a healthy human society, totally ignoring all obstacles and difficulties.

It must be borne in mind that so long as a magnificent, healthy and universalistic human society is not well established, humanity�s entire culture, and civilization, its sacrifice, service and spiritual endeavour, shall not carry any worth whatsoever.

1 January 1973

(39) However dense the cimmerian darkness may be, the crimson dawn must follow. The fiends of hell may burst out in loud laughter, but all must fade in the void with the sunrise.

The light of sádhaná shall dispel the thick darkness, notwithstanding the night of the pangs of humanity. Sunshine is destined in human life.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1973

(40) The opportunists tried in the past, are trying at present and will try even in the future to fulfil their narrow desires by keeping the human race disunited. By severely reproaching this opportunistic craftiness through your noble deeds, you draw nigh the unknown strangers living far away and build a healthy world-based human family. Ignoring the brute forces, the sky-kissing arrogance, hypocrisy, immorality and glib outbursts of the conceited people, go ahead towards your cherished goal. The blessing of Parama Puruśa shall be with you alone.

1 January 1974

(41) History bears testimony that whenever a person states the absolute truth in any sphere of life, whether it be spiritual, social, economic or otherwise; sought clarification of doubts or protested against injustice and wrongs, the evil forces forthwith plotted against the person, administered poison, slandered and assaulted that person with rage, misused authority and mercilessly dealt blow after blow; but the blows boomeranged and ultimately the evil forces were annihilated by those very blows. Remember, by an unalterable decree of history, the evil forces are destined to meet their final doom.

1 January 1974

(42) Despite its advent onto this earth many thousands of years ago, humanity is not yet capable of building a well-integrated and universal human society. This is in no way indicative of the glory of human intellect and erudition. You, who have understood the predicament, realized the urgency, seen the naked dance of evil and heard the hypocritical and raucous laughter of the divisive forces should throw yourselves into this noble task without further delay. When the ends are just and noble, success is inevitable.

1 January 1975

(43) Marching ahead is Jiivan Dharma (the characteristic wont of life). To march ahead, carrying all, viewing the world humanity as an integral entity, is the principal aspect of Jiivan Dharma. Resolve courageously to observe this Jiivan Dharma. Remember:

“Yato dharmah tato iśt́ah, yato iśt́ah tato jayah”. “Where there is Dharma, there is Iśt́a, and where there is Iśt́a, there is victory.”

Ánanda Púrńimá 1975

(44) Be firm on sixteen points. Unite all the righteous forces. All the tall talks of the evil forces will be silenced.

1 January 1976

(45) The very import of the history of human welfare is the history of struggle and strife. Even the sweet gospels of peace could not be preached in an environment of peace and composure. Devils did not allow the apostle of peace to work peacefully – that is why I say that peace is the outcome of fight.

This endeavour at the well-being of the human race concerns everyone – it is yours, mine and ours. We may afford to ignore our rights, but we must not forget our responsibilities. Forgetting the responsibility implies the humiliation of the human race.

In order to march ahead on the road of human welfare, we will have to strengthen ourselves in all the arena of life. The complete seeds of welfare in all the spheres – physical, mental, moral, social and spiritual – are embedded in the sixteen points. Hence be firm on the sixteen points.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1976

(46) Parama Puruśa has blessed you with hands to work and legs to move; has infused you with the stamina to act; has endowed you with practical intelligence, so make the best use of them in the fight against the demons. You must not sit idle relying on fate. Be vigorously active.

1 January 1977

(47) The struggle between the good and the evil forces terminates in the latter�s rout – this you have seen, are seeing and will see in future. Only remain vigilant that the evil forces under no circumstances receive any indulgence from your side.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1977

(48) That which renews human existence and makes it full to the brim and overflowing with the joy of living is termed a festival. Let Sháradotsava (autumn festival) inspire all people to live with a new spirit like true human beings. Let it inspire them with the fact that all humanity is an indivisible entity. On this auspicious day this is my inner wish.

1 October, 1977

(49) The flame of a lamp lights up countless lamps. The touch of a great personality wakes up innumerable sleeping hearts. In the same way, the eternal glow of the boundless élan vital of Cosmic Consciousness has been illuminating the life-lamp of universal humanism since time immemorial, is illuminating it, and in future will do so even more intensely. That is why I say, the future of the human race is not dark, rather it is strikingly resplendent. So proceed on, ignoring the frowns of darkness.

1 January 1978

(50) The prehistoric human beings remained involved in group and clan clashes. The present humanity is involved in crude wars for dogmas. Then how far have they advanced? Let the marching ahead towards the supreme desideratum, taking all together, be the only mission for today�s human race, and let the pauseless fight against any and all opposing forces on the way to fulfilment of this mission be the sole fight befitting a human being. Let this very struggle be reckoned as the Supreme Expression.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1978

(51) With the progress of science, the globe has become smaller to the human eye. No place on the earth is now inaccessible, and this is why it is the most opportune moment for building a universal human society. Set yourselves to task without any further delay. Remember, a human society based on ideology must be built with the help of all the moralists and progressive people of the universe. This is the only way for the survival of human civilization.

The task will inevitably be fraught with obstacles, and by combatting them you will have to be victorious.

1 January 1979

(52) Since the very dawn of civilization, numerous isms have emerged before the humanity. Various rhythms of mobility have appeared but none of these has taught to look upon the entire humanity as an integral and indivisible entity. Hence, there is so much infighting so much intolerance amongst human beings.

The human society of today has advanced considerably in the intellectual sphere. It must no longer sit inert. By applying all its might, the march of universal humanism must be made smooth by hook or by crook. Hence no latitude in procrastination or cowardliness of any sort should be permitted in this regard.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1979

(53) The humans of today are possessed of spirited intellect and accomplished wisdom. They are keen to advance with rapid step shattering the shackles of dogmas. They will no longer be entrapped by the illusion of opportunism. The rays of the crimson dawn of a new humanity on the eastern horizon have started weaving textures of colours on their eyelids and in the subtle recesses of their minds. As for those who have been dreaming of keeping humanity imprisoned by dogmas, their days are numbered; their blissful dreams are being shattered to pieces. I call upon all enlightened people and say: “Go ahead with courage. The humanity has been awaiting you. Establish it in the excellence and grandeur of glory.”

1 January 1980

(54) The most valuable treasures on the path of human progress are honesty, simplicity and spiritedness. In no stratum of life should you allow the standard of honesty to deteriorate. In no situation, except during the struggle for Dharma, should you indulge in diplomacy or duplicity. In other words you must keep yourself straight in all other strata just as in Sastáuṋga Prańáma, and remain vigilant that the fire of your spiritedness is under no circumstances buried beneath a heap of ashes.

None of these three – honesty, simplicity or spiritedness – are found in dogma, hence you should strictly avoid dogma.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1980

(55) Amidst endless reproaches and humiliations, profuse sweating and bloodshed, through the ordeal of unbearable torments and agonies, humanity has evolved to the present status. [[The very existence implies struggle. Nevertheless, it�s your duty to accelerate the speed of human progress.

Your endless efforts to broaden and smoothen the path of human movement will render your present existence, and your future history inestimable.]]

1 January 1981

(56) The entire humanity must be looked upon as one integrated existence – and move collectively towards the all-round perfection of human life. All actions are bound to confront obstacles. It has to be borne in mind that the nobler the task, the mightier the obstacle. For human emancipation, there is no other way but to march ahead crushing the towering peaks of obstacles with a benevolent intellect and collective endeavour.

Hence I reiterate, go ahead with courage and unity. You have to move on ensuring real justice to all individuals and all geographical people.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1981

(57) Spread out the sermons of amity amongst the humanity. Remind one and all that the establishment of human excellence does not lie in hypocrisy but in simplicity and sincerity. Make them all realize that every individual human problem, whether big or small, is the problem of universal humanity. Make them also understand that the origin as well as the finality of the entire humanity is one and the same.

1 January 1982

(58) All the beings of this universe are the kith and kin of one another. No one is despicable. All are equally respectable and entitled to equal love and affection. No problem is to be ignored as an individual or group affair. Every problem is to be considered as the collective problem of universal humanity and is to be resolved collectively and resolved it must be.

Let it be the vocal panorama of the newer world of today – the continuous musical notes behind the movement of Neohumanism.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1982

(59) The more the honest people are firm on morality, the more the evil forces will be active against them. So all the moralists of the universe should remain organized and confront the evil forces unitedly.

1 January 1983

(60) Human society is one and indivisible. Keeping this supreme truth ever fixed in one�s vision, one will have to think of promoting human welfare, love for humanity, human solidarity and universal fraternity, and move accordingly. Not for a single moment should one forget it nor even ignore it. Due to lack of intellect or mutual conflicts in the past, a vast number of creatures have become totally extinct from the surface of the earth. Let human beings not meet the same dreadful consequence.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1983

(61) Human history today has reached such a transitional phase that universal humanity, forgetting all spatial, temporal and personal differences, shall have to move, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder towards the new dawn with rapid steps. Humanity must respond to this call. With the reddish glow of the dawn, the collective body, mind and soul will be radiant with joy. And that alone will be the real progress of universal humanity, the firm establishment of unified humanism.

1 January 1984

(62) Human beings will have to draw up all sorts of plans and programmes for the collective welfare of universal humanity. This will accelerate the speed of their movement and enable them to easily remove the thorns from the path. Obstacles are inevitable on the path of movement. In fact, in all actions, auspicious and inauspicious, obstacles arise, but the innate force lying in each thought and every action, from the cosmic perspective, provides the necessary stamina for forward movement. Let us not forget this fact.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1984

(63) That very irresistible aspiration which leads human beings towards their goal with tremendous speed, also builds all sorts of social structures and generates newer social consciousness. With all sincerity in thought, words and deeds you have to build that aspiration, you have to awaken the cognitive faculty latent in the innermost golden cavity of every microcosmic mind. For you have to work to bring about the well-being of every entity; no benevolent individual can neglect anyone.

1 January 1985

(64) All the entities of the universe are on the move. No one has come to rest, to lament unnecessarily. And in this movement lies the success of every entity, the colourful glamour of one�s existence. So move on individually, move on collectively. Let your sincere help illuminate those who have lagged behind on the path of movement.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1985

(65) The Supreme recognition of the meaning of existence lies in the vigorous march from imperfection to perfection. This is as true in family, social and political life as it is in individual life. In individual life the movement from imperfection to perfection is easy to some extent due to the lack of diversity, but in family, social and political life it is comparatively difficult due to the extreme influence of staticity. On no account can one afford to stop moving in any sphere of existence, nor is it possible to do so.

Through clashes and conflicts one must move towards the Supreme Desideratum. One who has lost the very spirit of forward march has lost the inner vitality of life and reduced oneself to an inert skeleton. You must not allow such a thing to happen.

Keep moving onward, singing the song of the forward march.

1 January 1986

(66) From place to place, from age to age, the elixir of immortality has been flowing forever. Through the medium of human structures this message of immortality is transmitted onwards. So no human beings should ever belittle or slight themselves, rather they should make rigorous efforts to become worthy mediums (media). The wise and intelligent ideate less on their defects and demerits and more on the Supreme desideratum.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1986

(67) The movement and the path, the means and the chariot are all inseparably linked. The path is not always easily accessible, smooth and littered with flower petals; nor is it always inaccessible, thorny and covered with stones. One must keep one�s eye fixed on the Goal. This Goal provides inspiration, supplies the means for forward movement and makes the little lamps of life infinitely effulgent. Since eternity this very Goal has provided and is providing inspiration to all and will continue to do so in future; and by revitalising the life-force as if with a flow of water, it will make the earth ever full of sweetness, and at the same time it will keep the triumphant flag of humanity flying on top of the golden mountain peak. So let one�s vision be fixed on the goal. There is no necessity to think of anything else.

1 January 1987

(68) The first and the final word of manifestation is mobility or dynamicity. Just as movement has no cessation, the path of movement also has no end. In this very movement lies the happy union between eternal ethics and the ageless supra-sensory realization – their centripetal affinity.

It is not enough for a person to merely understand and abide by the truth, rather it must be translated into reality in the practical lives of living beings. With the greatest fulfilment in buds, flowers and fruits, each and every life must be made effulgent. Everyone should be made to realize that in the path of movement the Supreme fulfilment is the highest truth.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1987

(69) The night of cimmerian darkness is bound to disappear seeing the advent of the dawn. That which is ever-true, which is eternal, is destined to be illuminated with the rise of the crimson dawn. Be ready for the grand ovation to that new crimson dawn in every house. Be prepared physically and mentally, armed with the force of righteousness, for the auspicious moment of the enthronement of the ever-new. Be ready to respond to the supra-cosmic trumpet.

1 January 1988

(70) In the crimson rays of the early dawn floats the trumpet sound from the distant blue void. The call resounds: Arise, awake and waste no time in sleep. Tear off the fog of dogma and march on smashing under your feet the sky-kissing challenges of the rocky mountains. Remember that victory does not come by itself. Victory has to be invited and welcomed with sweat, the warmth of the blood and the fiery flames of hard labour. The task you have undertaken has to be brought to its consummation. When the mission is noble victory is sure to come. So do not sit inert wasting your valuable time. Be ready to give a fitting response to the clarion call of the cosmos. Be ready from this very moment.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1988

(71) The despondent humanity, in the monumental task of searching for veracity, sees the beacon leading to the path of effulgence. This immense task makes humanity�s existence resplendent and illumines its path of movement with the blazing tenderness of humanism. You are the blessed travellers on that effulgent path. Let the unique blending of your profound wisdom and intense urge for action rend asunder the mists of sinful deeds and smash to dust the jagged rocks of hypocrisy, and establish you in the realm of supreme fulfilment. This is my wish for you on this auspicious New Year�s day.

1 January 1989

(72) We are proceeding from darkness towards effulgence, from imperfection along the golden steps to perfection. No obstacle on the way will be able to stop our advancement. Pushing aside and smashing all obstacles and impediments we will move along our destined path. Our ideological rationality is our valuable asset; the blissful glow of Macrocosmic effulgence is our goal and the inherent desire to bring well-being to all living creatures is our way.

Moving ahead is the very wont of life. Wasting valuable time in lethargy is nothing but inertness; hence we must keep moving. The chant of our forward movement will be our vocal expression, the very pulsation of our life.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1989

(73) Those entities in whom psychic and intellectual powers are looked upon as more gorgeous than the physical ones are called humans – predominantly mental beings. Hence, to bring about the real well-being of humanity, greater attention has to be paid to the psychic and intellectual expressions of human beings, for that will lead to perfect spiritual composure and all-round fulfilment in human life.

Competition in the realm of physical pabula may bring satisfaction in material enjoyment, but it leads human beings far, far away from inner tranquillity. It is true that to give emphasis to existential security of human beings food, clothes, accommodation, education and medical care are absolutely necessary. Accepting these requirements as indispensable needs for living beings, you will have to move forward. But remember that while giving utmost importance to these requirements, human characteristics should not be even slightly neglected under any circumstances. You must also remember that the physical expressions of life and the increasing spiritual unfoldment of human beings are not antithetical, rather they are complementary to one another in the task of establishing a great ideology.

So keep moving, enlighten humanity with crimson rays, and make your existence meaningful and effulgent. Move on, move on.

1 January 1990

(74) Everything in this universe is moving. The hours, days, human beings, stars, planets, nebula – all are on the move. Movement is a must for all, there is no scope for its cessation. The path of movement is not always smooth or strewn with flowers nor is it always beset with thorns or encumbered with violent clashes. According to the nature of the path, human beings will have to prepare themselves and move courageously. In that movement alone lies the very essence of life.

Ánanda Púrńimá May 1990


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